Half of the VLAP team will depart from Gothenburg by car on the 1st of September for an adventurous road-trip through most of Europe. For all of us to fly down via Athens would be impossible as we need to bring some of the university’s heavy and bulky equipment.

We are very exited about this project, which is not just a new prógramma, but the first Swedish archaeological project in Thessaly, and probably the first foreign such in the regional unit of Kardítsa.

Sweden is rainy and cold at the moment, it feels like autumn is close at hand. The heat of the Western Thessalian plains, however, might be severe, and we hope for “something in the middle”.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll test most of our equipment such as the MALÅ georadar borrowed from the generous department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg. We aim at having a clear picture of the ground beneath the big lawn in front of the Faculty of Humanities when we are finished…