After the somewhat stressful period around Christmas, things have now calmed down, and we have been able to start planning for the upcoming fieldwork at Vlochós. We managed to get our basic funding for 2017 right in the middle of the media circus of December, so we are now looking forward to the second season of VLAP.

Our main goal for the 2017 season will be the completion of the geophysical and architectural surveys at the site of Strongilovoúni. We will hopefully be able to survey the area of Pátoma at a greater pace, as we will have access to two magnetometers instead of just one.

We were happy to learn that Angelos Ntavadzikos, our tractor master, will join us for the geophysical prospection this year as well. His precision and ingenuity is highly regarded by the team.

Our next point on the agenda, however, is to attend the annual meeting of the Swedish Institute at Athens in late March. The preliminary results of VLAP will be presented in the lecture hall of the Acropolis Museum together with the other projects involving Swedish archaeologists. We are very much looking forward to it. If only the weather in Greece could get a little better!