Half of the year has already passed, and VLAP 2017 is approaching fast. We’d just like to provide you with a little update on what’s going on within the project, and what to expect in the near future.

The institute director Dr Wallensten presents VLAP to the general and scholarly public in the amphitheatre of the Acropolis Museum

In late March, Robin, Derek and Fotini travelled to Athens to participate in the annual meeting of the Swedish Institute. This was held in the spectacular Acropolis Museum, with a lovely reception at the nearby Institute.

Roughly at the same time, the Department of Historical Studies in Gothenburg acquired a magnetometer of their own, doubling the magnetometric capacity of VLAP.

Johan and Rich trying out the new magnetometer at the Gothenburg campus

Paying a visit to lovely Bournemouth, Derek introduced Robin to this year’s students – an enthusiastic bunch, all eager to come to Thessaly. Some of them have never been to Greece before, and no one had been to the mainland. We’re certain that they are going to love it!

At Vlochós, preparations are also proceeding. With the help from mrs Karaïskou, the deputy mayor of Palamás, our tractor god Angelos Davadzikos is trying to rid the flat space at Pátoma (the site of the ancient settlement) from all the nasty thistles. With all of them gone, the place is going to be a geophysical paradise! Robin has just ordered 300 red plastic pegs to be used to mark out our great grid (more on this in upcoming posts), and Johan and Rich will spend a few days in August banging them into the ground. Last year we used canes, but the local goats apparently found them tasty – we hope they’ll find the plastic less appetising!