It is already late August! Parts of the Swedish team have already embarked upon the journey to Karditsa – Rich and Johan are traversing Europe, approaching Ulm as I type – but most of us will join the Greek colleagues in a week’s time.

A pioneer team will spend some days staking out the large 20×20 m grid we use for the geophysical survey at the area of Pátoma, just below the hill. By doing this, we speed up our work-pace immensely, and hopefully, we will be able to cover the whole of the ancient settlement before the end of September.

The work at Pátoma this year, however, would not have been possible without the assistance of the municipality of Palamás (in which our site is located). Normally, the foot of the hill of Strongilovouni is covered in thistles and other nasty plants, but through the hard work of the municipality, it is now smooth and clear.

We look forward to work in this improved environment, and hope to share some of our progress and experiences this year as well.

See you @Vlochos!